Are you too busy for love?  

The “Time For Love” mini-course is for YOU!

Are you too busy to have time for a love life? Too busy being busy? You may feel drained just thinking about your never-ending to-do list wondering how you’d possibly add finding love to your list.  

The Time for Love mini-course will get you on the fast-track to getting your groove back.  With just a $27 investment (2 glasses of wine!), you will learn how to:

  • Uncover your time wasters

  • Get crystal clear on your top 5 priorities

  • Eliminate stress and make time for your top priorities

  • Learn how to “Just Say No” to demands that no longer serve you

  • Make time for your top 5 priorities and get aligned with what matters most to you

  • Discover Hilary’s secret morning ritual for having boundless energy

  • Fast-track to your best self!

Perhaps you are paralyzed by overwhelm. Stretched 5 different ways, and feel depleted, tired, or burnt out. You’re being pulled by work, maybe your kids, your ex, your family, and friends. You are running around and wonder when you’ll ever have time for YOU!

Are you trying to do it all? Being too busy and out of balance can only stay undercover for so long. Sooner or later, it shows up in your mind and body. For me (Hilary) I started to feel irritable. I was waking up in the middle of the night with my mind racing, I was anxious that I wasn’t doing anything well, and it became so depressing, 

This is not the way to live! This type of stress can even lead to worse symptoms like heart attacks, weight gain, and a weakened immune system. Who wants any of these things? Definitely not, NO FUN! 

Now, you may be thinking I don’t have time for even a mini-course!  We are here to tell you--you will waste precious time if you don’t take this course. Give us a few hours, and we will give you the secrets to getting back your life!

About Hilary & Shannon

Hi, I’m Hilary. I’m an award-winning startup CEO and executive coach. Giving back to people is everything to me. My partner, Shannon, is an accomplished Fortune 500 executive and expert love coach and matchmaker. Together, we built ReLaunch Love - our innovative program that relaunches the love lives of single executive women.

After my marriage fell apart, I was devastated and confused after all no one gets married thinking they are going to get a divorce. Dating again was frustrating and disappointing. After the end of yet another “Mr. Wrong” relationship, I met Shannon. While successful executives in business, we both have the unwavering belief in finding love -- again.  Shannon had achieved great success in matchmaking, and I was ready to get serious about finding my Mr. Right.

Then the magic happened for me! By applying entrepreneurship concepts to finding love, I was ready for my Mr. Right when Shannon introduced him to me. We realized we could put the magic in a bottle and deliver it to you. Our program works all the way to the altar!