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Why ReLaunch?

Are you struggling to ReLaunch and ignite a new start either in your life, career, or LOVE LIFE? Relaunching in love is possible at ANY age, ANY stage! Whatever area you feel stuck in, but just don’t know where to start, I’ve impacted 1000's of women with The ReLaunch Love Method.

My goal is simple…

to help you have a BETTER second half of life than the first!

By taking a mindful approach – which I discovered when I myself was stuck - The ReLaunch Method is a proven step-by-step 8-week program. With the help of small-group coaching, a course that focuses on helping reintroduce you to you, and a tight knit community you’ll be on your way to finding the type of love that lasts.

We must remember that life is not over after 40, so much more awaits. NOW is the perfect time to rediscover your purpose and the love you deserve in our ReLaunch Love course!

As an award-winning startup CEO and executive coach, together we can help fast-track your dating successes with ReLaunch Love. So… are you ready to be become your best self and meet your Mr. Right?



ReLaunch Love


If you are ready to take action and find love, this course is for you.  We’ll take you through an 8-week step-by-step program including small group coaching and private coaching options to put you on the fast-track to finding love now.

When I signed up for ReLaunch, and said “YES” to doing something positive for myself, I never in a million years would have thought my life would be where it is today! I only prayed it would happen!

After a 28-year marriage came to an end, I was lost, depressed and didn’t know where to turn to try and get myself “ready and out there” in a dating world that had changed so drastically! You took me and enveloped me and showed me how to love myself, be true to myself and most of all have confidence in myself! ‘

Having gone through your program and showing me what would truly “feed my soul”, is how I met an amazing man! You pushed me when I needed pushing and showed me who my “best self” really was!

Coming out of a long-term relationship can be daunting, and ReLaunch is a true program that’s needed to get “ones life back”! Love you Hilary! Your generosity and caring nature were amazing when I needed it most. May others read this and come to know ReLaunch the way I did!
— Lisa B.

I loved working with Hilary for her honest feedback and help being kept accountable. Sometimes it wasn’t easy to hear what she had to say, but I am so thankful for her support and honesty! She coached me on how to navigate difficult discussions with my boyfriend and helped me unveil what’s really important for me in the relationship. I gained new communication skills through this process and I’m happy to say, the relationship is still going after 2 years and I couldn’t be happier.

I believe I would have walked away from the relationship without her thoughtful advice, and I would have missed out on what I believe is the love of my life!
— Leslie E.

I didn’t think that ReLaunch Love could be the answer to my problems. But boy, was I wrong. In ways no one had ever done before (not even my best friends or family), Hilary was able to show me how I was self-sabotaging and not living my authentic self. Working with Hilary is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If you are also at a crossroads in your life, you will not regret taking a leap of faith and giving Hilary a chance to help you.
— Beth A.

Hilary stands out as the most original, effective and innovative people I have met in this field of executive and dating coaches. She gets to the core of how relationships really work and know that it’s not just who you meet, but how you approach and interact with who you meet.

The prospect of entrusting someone with something as intimate as your love life, can be a scary thing. And there are never any guarantees in love, but Hilary makes the process a positive experience. She has a very generous in spirit and are whip smart. Savvy and kind.
— Sari G.

As a single gal in a new city, Hilary did an amazing job orienting me to the right events to meet other amazing single people in my target age range. Her vast network, dating tips and guidance were spot-on! Advice from her gave me the toolkit to meet eligible single men. We also did a 360 degree review from my family and friends to understand how I was standing in my own way. I am very happy with the quality of men I am meeting. I haven’t found Mr Right yet, but I feel confident I will!
— Jane L.

I reached out to Hilary when I realized I needed help. I had dated a lot but my career was all-consuming and I really didn’t want to settle down with just anyone. Hilary took me through their process. This allowed me to get dates with the high quality partner I want to marry without wasting a lot of precious time.
— Casey L.

I was in my mid 30s, accomplished in my chosen profession with a career in high gear and a full social life, but I had yet to meet the right guy for me. Hilary was warm and intuitive from the get-go, I knew from our first conversation that I could trust her to help transform my dating life. With discretion, razor-sharp dating smarts and a healthy dose of humor, Hilary successfully put me on a great path to meeting someone special. (I’m now happily married with a newborn son!)
— Cara L.

Hilary has applied her successful business career and experience with large companies to the world of entrepreneurship. Her passion is to not just build a great service or course, but to truly help make the world a better place. Anyone that knows her knows how truly amazing she is and her capabilities in helping others find love and fulfillment.